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DW8 Dental Care is a dental clinic located in the South of Jakarta on the 2nd Floor of Dharmawangsa Squre City Walk. It’s designed with modern interiors and equipped with advanced dental equipment to deliver exceptional dental services to achieve everlasting smiles. Apart from offering a full range of dental services, the clinic is home to highly-professional, licensed and well trained dentists who will give the focused attention you deserve and the best advice on dental treatment options that best suit you. Dentists, staff and laboratory technicians all work to fulfill and achieve one goal: improve your oral well-being.

What to Expect

| Great Customer Service

| Exceptional Hygiene. We utilize the best standards in sterilization and the best equipment in sterilization. In addition, we use disposable material as much as possible

| We are equipped with best and latest technology in the dental industry

| All our staff are highly experienced, licensed and professional

| Our exams are extremely comprehensive and will give you detailed treatment on oral health care and also suggestions on how to improve your smile

| Each patient will receive detailed explanation of their treatment plan and options where applicable

Our Philosophy

| We practice painless dentistry as much as possible. In addition we try to minimize discomfort during our treatments

| Complete the treatment plan in as minimal dental visits as possible

| We encourage customer enquiries to feel comfortable prior to starting any procedure

What's So Special

| You are in control. If you are experience any discomfort during any dental procedure, just raise your hand and our doctors will stop and address your concern

| We are very passionate about our work. All dental procedures are performed with extreme caution and accuracy

| We provide one hand piece for one patient to make sure there is no cross infection


|sterilization control

|Sterilization Equipments


Digital 3D Dental Imaging

| The Digital 3D Dental Imaging is one of the most advance digital imaging x-ray machines on the market. Its machine designed to obtain complete information on patient anatomy

| Precise & Sharp Digital Imaging On-site

| DW8 is one of the few dental clinics in Jakarta with its own 3D imaging machine, enable faster treatment diagnoses without the need of being referred to a secondary x-ray center

| The 3D imaging concept performs everything from the minutest detail to full maxillofacial image. The possibility to select the imaging area according to the actual imaging need increases effectiveness and reduces the patient dose. offers a solution for the most demanding imaging needs, producing various imaging sizes with one 3D imaging concept – an ideal imaging size for different maxillofacial applications is at hand at all times

3D Dental Imaging For Sialolith Case

3D Dental Imaging For Implant Case

Let's meet our team! They are :

Professional experience, completely and accurately obtain information in a courteous and respectful manner in order to determine an appropriate treatment plan. Perform examinations and treatments quickly, efficiently, and accurately while keeping the patient informed, and being sensitive to patient's comfort during the treatment.

Set the expectation with the patient by listening to their concerns and addressing those that can be addressed and informing the patient of the course of action to follow for other health concerns, communicate effectively with dental staff, other health care provider and patients, Ensure that verbal and written instructions are clear and concise and are understood by listening and asking for feedback, Work in coordination with other clinic colleagues as a team work to effectively treat and educate the patient on their dental problems in order to increase the likehood of compliance.

Drg. Ayus Lusiyanti, Sp.KG


Drg. Elisabeth Juliana W, Sp.KG


Drg. Indranurani, Sp.Ort


Drg. Rahmawati


Drg. Rusmawati, Sp.PM

Oral Medicine

Drg. Andi Gatot W, Sp.Ort


Drg. Achmad Bachtiar, Sp.BM

Oral Surgeon

Drg. Sharah Syam

Drg. Andriani Octaviani

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General Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry




Oral Surgery

Neuromuscular Dentistry

Oral Medicine

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Dental Info #1


Oral Hygiene includes a group of processes used for the removal of dental microbial plaque from our teeth and maintaining a healthy mouth environment that prevents the development of dental health problems affecting teeth, gums or other tissues of the oral cavity. Good oral hygiene, proper diet and regular visits to a dentist are the key factors for good oral health.


Dental Info #2


Regular tooth brushing is very important in preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Brushing your teeth removes the bacteria of dental plaque that promote tooth decay and that can cause gum disease.


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We are listed in AWA 12th edition page 119 and Le Grand Durian Jakarta Pratique 2015-2016 page74 (French Community)